The Frozen Sea

The Frozen Sea, also called “The Cursed Sea”, is an arctic region located to the north of the Estrellado. It is a cold and inhospitable land of glaciers and sheets of ice.

Legends say that before the Great Flood, the Frozen Sea was once home to a sprawling kingdom of humans. These men were ruled by an oracle king who governed his people through direct communion with the stars. Over time, the king began communing with the Old Gods and became corrupted by their knowledge. He sought to spread chaos and evil across the north lands. When Terra was flooded, this kingdom was the focal point for the flood and was struck with a curse that sentenced the land to a never ending winter.

The few survivors of this kingdom were scattered across the Frozen Sea so that their kingdom would never rise again. These men became nomadic in nature. Only the strongest can survive in the Frozen Sea and it had become home to many terrifying creatures. The nomadic tribes have long lived in fear and hiding of the many threats that assail them daily.

Islands of the Frozen Sea

The Frozen Sea

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