Runesport is a bustling port city in the southwest corner of Ardendale, built over the ruins of an ancient Elven city known as Ammeluna. Racial tensions run high in Runesport due to the appropriation of the ruins by the Empire 100 years ago. Many Wood Elves and Half Elves live in the city among the colonists but are often mistrusted due to the actions of Wood Elf guerrillas and bandits disrupting commerce along the roads outside of town. The Magistrate of Runesport, Rylan Seward, runs the city according to his own whims; he is viewed unfavorably by the Elves and colonist opinions vary based on how much he interferes in their personal affairs.

The city is also known for its library, which was erected by the Ammeluna Historical Preservation Society as a means of preserving the old city’s heritage; they have done an excellent job of collecting a great wealth of Elven writings on magic, religion, and history. Runesport is also known for its flowers and botanical gardens, most notably the Oro Blossom, which is only known to grow in Runesport; it is proudly displayed on the town seal. Runesport is a very wealthy town with an upscale, gated downtown district that caters to the tastes of the wealthy and middle class. Many wealthy merchants and tradesmen have settled here to cater to those needs. As such, there is little poverty in Runesport but only because the poor have no place there. The harbor district hosts a few low cost settlements and venues for the working class laborers that maintain the docks, but much of the city is too expensive for the common man to enjoy.



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