Adrift in the Elemental Plane of Water is the floating city of Driftwood. In truth, Driftwood is a collection of vessels strung together to create a floating platform of sorts. While not a city in the traditional sense, the inhabitants of this “dry oasis” consider it home.



Inns, Taverns & Brothels

  • The Dry Oasis -



  • The Captain’s Quarters – Near the Lighthouse is the Captain’s Quarters where the leaders of Driftwood assemble to discuss organizational matters of the town. The city is divided into quarters, which each quarter choosing an officer from among themselves to represent them at the Captain’s Table.

Public Services

  • The Lighthouse – Located in the center of the town, the lighthouse keeps a lonely vigil for the city to both draw new citizens and prevent lost vessels from running aground.


  • The Gunline – The only major line of defense for the city is a defensive perimeter of armed vessels known as The Gunline. The Gunline contains every siege weapon salvaged from the lost vessels that makeup Driftwood.




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