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  • Fighter's Flight

    A shop in the downtown shopping district that stocks weapons, armor, and gear for adventurers. The shop has a special relationship with the [[Freeport Free Company | Freeport Free Company]], offering members a discount on goods purchased.

  • Ship-Shape Supplies

    The ship-chandlery in Porticia is located next to the Mariner's Guild by the harbor. Customers can find a wealth of supplies needed for the maintenance of sailing ships such as tar, turpentine, varnish, rope, whale oil, ship’s tools, and fishing gear.

  • Hobgoblin Pie Stand

    Located in the market district, this humble pie stand is maintained by a hobgoblin gentleman and exclusively sells large meat pies. Upon sampling the pies they seem to be rather crunchy and contain a lot of small bones. The proprietor does not stock …

  • Franklin

    Franklin was a wagon driver for a merchant caravan being escorted to Bottom End by the Restless Souls adventuring company. Despite surviving the first leg of the journey, he was tragically slain when a gnoll pack lord shot an arrow straight through his …

  • Jeziver Inkletter

    Jeziver Inkletter is an exceptionally ugly old gnome who owns the Garden Tome Booksellers in Runesport. He is a quiet and reserved gnome when entertaining company, but enjoys a merry jog when no one is looking as he is embarrassed to be seen dancing. He …

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