The ancient scriptures tell stories of the Old Gods: beings of chaos and darkness whose only desire was to spread their reach across all existence and into infinity. In the beginning, the Old Gods swept across the stars like a wild torrent. From within this sea of chaos and malevolence emerged a single droplet of order. This world was called Terra and it gave birth to new Gods who protected Terra as a sanctuary against the encroaching evil of the Old Gods. These Gods nurtured and guided life on Terra and raised their own followers. Little is known about life on Terra but it was surely an existence like any other: equal measures of peace and conflict; love and hate; invention and stagnation; and order and chaos.

The needed seeds of chaos opened Terra to the influence of the Old Gods. They began to attract their own followers and raise their own chosen peoples on Terra in an effort to take this solitary island from the New Gods. Open warfare broke out between the Gods with their mortal charges caught in the middle. With the tide of darkness unstoppable, the Gods of Terra made a great sacrifice; to save their followers they would need to destroy Terra itself.

The Gods ripped apart the very surface of Terra and turned it upside down. They buried the foul citadels and kingdoms of the Old Gods and their followers. Next, they flooded the world under a mighty sea, trapping the Old Gods and their adherents in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean. The Gods spared as many of their followers as possible, uprooting them and scattering them about the myriad islands they salvaged. Terra was no more and in its stead, the new world became known as Altamar.

- Creation Myth of the Church of Vander

Treasure of the Old Gods

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