Drygum Landing

Drygum Landing is a peaceful place with no real tensions to speak of. The city is ruled by magistrate Jack Wills, who takes his orders directly from the Governor. The Magistrate is not particularly inclined to enforce laws unless pressed to do so by the Governor. The town itself is somewhat destitute and rundown due to its aging population, low support from the Empire, and all around inconvenient location. The people of Drygum Landing are also known for being somewhat rude and unpleasant. A few criminals operate out of the docks but outside of smuggling, there is little crime in the city since almost everyone knows one another. The town obtains much of its food from the sea but also enjoys trade with farms further inland.


  • The Running Spider – Pawnbroker
  • Drygum Ship’s Store – Ship-chandler

Inns, Taverns & Brothels

  • The Staggering Wolf – Inn, Commons, Tavern


  • The Vicious Furnace – Blacksmith, Armorer


  • Town Hall – Courthouse


  • City Gate – A simple, wooden gate marks the city limits and typically has a lone watchman posted. The gate itself does little to discourage invaders as they can easily walk around. It largely serves to monitor new arrivals on the only road into town.


  • Chapel of the Holy Light – Church

Drygum Landing

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