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    Altamar is a world of islands dotting a massive, singular ocean. Many races are scattered about these islands and are connected by a framework of trade and shipping routes. The largest and most powerful islands host massive cities, which are the seat of …

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    *List of Vessels* * Kon Tiki* * [[The Espinosa | The Espinosa]] * The Gob of War* * *[[The Joker's Wild | The Joker's Wild]]* * *[[The King's Bounty | The King's Bounty]]* * *[[The Sandspider | The Sandspider]]*

  • The Sandspider

    The Sandspider was a caravel under the ownership of the Partisans. It was most recently under the command of Shin Soseji of the Restless Souls adventuring company. The Sandspider can hold 25 passengers, a cargo of 120 tons, and is armed with a single …

  • The Espinosa

    The Espinosa was a trade vessel under the command of Captain Solomon Gray Caine. It performed many trade runs in the Marlejos Islands before being blown off course and shipwrecked on an uncharted island in the Far Sea. The wreck was discovered by the …

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