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  • The Marlejos Islands

    A chain of small to medium sized islands that form the western rim of the Estrellado. While technically within the Far Sea, this region is home to a few naval garrisons and small settlements, effectively making it the last sign of civilization before an …

  • Isla del Luna

    Isla del Luna is the largest island in the chain of [[The Marlejos Islands | Marlejos Islands]] in the Far Sea. **Settlements** * [[Frontera | Frontera]] - Trading hub for all ships heading to and from the Marlejos Islands.

  • Frontera

    The port of Frontera serves as a trading hub for the Marlejos Islands. All trade vessels heading to and from the islands pass through here, which includes munitions for the local naval garrisons. Given the thin supply lines, smuggling runs rampant in …

  • Myrtlewood

    Myrtlewood is a small town in the Marlejos Islands. It serves as a point of export for many of the logging camps, distilleries, and sugar plantations farther inland. *Merchants* * The Masthead - Ship's Chandler * The Polished Marble - Alchemist …

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