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  • Mathias Crowley

    Mathias Crowley is the Chief of Staff at the Gray Mantle in Seawall. He is a man reaching middle age, recognized by his pointed beard and mustache. His hair is thinning atop his head and he keeps his remaining hair long and parted. He also dressed in very …

  • William

    William is an archivist at the Gray Mantle in Seawall who is immediately recognized by his piercing blue eyes and half-elf features. He has a habit of staring at others despite seeming quite disinterested in people.

  • Alban Morrison

    Alban Morrison served as Chief Archivist at the Gray Mantle until his abrupt disappearance. An investigation into his whereabouts by the City Guard yielded nothing and it has been proposed that he simply became despondent and wished to disappear. An …

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