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  • The Staggering Wolf

    The Staggering Wolf is a tavern and inn in Drygum Landing, which is run by Ilse Lundy. It is a very sleepy inn in a sleepy town that recently became the subject of gossip due to a legendary bout of carousing by a passing company of adventurers.

  • Ilse Lundy

    Ilse Lundy is the proprietress of the Staggering Wolf inn. She's a shy and quiet girl with a habit of fidgeting. She is also fairly talented dancer with a romantic streak. She dreams of one day leaving Drygum Landing but feels obligated to watch over the …

  • Cecil Langstrom

    Cecil is the Captain of the Guard in [[Drygum Landing | Drygum Landing]]. He is a generally ill-tempered man who is highly suspicious of outsiders. He has a fairly short fuse and can be extremely rude when angered. He has little patience for anyone and …

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