Voss Rey

Alderman of Freeport and Partisan operative.


Voss Rey serves as the alderman for the Nortedad district of Freeport. He is a well-liked by his constituents and has a reputation for being a man of the people. He is passionate about his work and takes his duties as a public servant very seriously, to the apparent neglect of his own estate. Voss is a member of the Partisans and has close ties to the organization’s leadership. He used to have a close relationship with Merrick and served as his contact for the Partisans.

Voss is an older gentleman, by elven standards, and is immediately recognizable by his long, white hair. He is a serious and, seemingly, humorless person at times.

Voss was recently involved in authorizing a raid on the Black Eagle that resulted in the arrest of several gang members and the indictment of various corrupt city officials.

Voss Rey

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