Shadowsbane the Dark Striker

Sentient weapon of war looking to retire.


Shadow, as he likes to be called, is a sentient sword that hangs above the fireplace in the waiting room outside the faculty offices of the Gray Mantle.

According to legend, he was once wielded by the knight, Paige Truestrike, who used him to defeat the kraken that laid siege to Seawall centuries ago. Paige died in the battle and fell into the harbor with Shadow where he laid silent for centuries before he was recovered. He presumably kept silent and somehow found himself as a decoration in the Gray Mantle.

Shadow seems to have tired of fighting and wants to simply hang over a fireplace and listen to stories of adventure rather than living them. However, the Gray Mantle seems too boring for him and he would prefer a more exciting place to retire.

Shadowsbane the Dark Striker

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