Ruce Proudhammer

Veteran, weaponsmith, baker, brewmaster.


Ruce Proudhammer is the owner and head baker at the Proudhammer Bakery in Freeport. He’s an old Dwarven Naval veteran and weaponsmith who makes an unlikely baker. Jaded by years of battle, Ruce made a change in his life and pursued the more humble and peaceful path of a baker. He crafts a variety of fine breads and baked goods, which are prized among the lower and middle classes of Freeport. Ruce has also established a brewery within the bakery that specializes in brewing his own ale, Proud Stout, which he distributes to various taverns in the city.

Ruce recently entered in business dealings with the Restless Souls adventuring company, having dusted off his old forge to silver weapons for them. He also sold them 5 barrels of Proud Stout for export to Corterra. Ruce is optimistic and hopes to do more business with his new patrons soon.

Ruce Proudhammer

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