Red Achre

Traumatized former mercenary


Red Achre is a member of the Waverunners no longer on active duty and a permanent fixture at the Wandering Horde Tavern. His last experience at sea has left him traumatized and unwilling to leave the relative safety of the common area of the tavern. He spends his days anxiously tugging his beard by the hearth and stroking a holy symbol of Vander. His comrades keep a close eye on him and ensure that he remains comfortable.

He related his experiences to Henry Brent, explaining that he was part of the security detail for a shipment to the Wood Sea that was hijacked by something supernatural. Red described the source of the attack as a black creature rising from the depths that opened to reveal a fiery glow within its bowels and vomiting grim attackers who overpowered and seized the existing crew. Red was only able to escape by jumping overboard where he was eventually picked up by a passing merchant vessel days later. His last word to Henry was simply “run.”

He was last seen by the hearth at the Wandering Horde Tavern.

Red Achre

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