Quihana Farkian

Charismatic leader of the Felohnious Bastards.


Quihana Farkian is a half-elf rebel who is waging a guerrilla war against Imperial trade and interests in Ardendale. She is also the leader of the Felohnious Bastards, a band of rebels seeking to overthrow the Imperial Government. Half of Quihana’s face appears to have been burned and her left eye is a milky color. She dons a mask and costume while on the job and is known to the public as the Silver Fleurette.

Quihana bears tribal tattoos on her arms and is known for her jovial nature and tendency to make jokes and puns. She has a very serious side and will often go into political rants when the Empire is brought up in private conversation.

She has recently fled Ardendale after a disastrous raid on an Imperial black site resulted in high casualties. She managed to hire a smuggler to ferry her to Freeport, where she hopes to recruit other sympathetic to her cause. Along the way, she accepted the adventurer, Henry, as a protege, teaching him the ways of a jester.

Quihana Farkian

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