Peregrin Ironshackle

Highborn dwarf of the Iron Coast.


Peregrin Ironshackle is a high ranking son in the Ironschackle Clan, making him a very important member of the Dwarven nobility. He serves the Iron King, Rotdurr Kromgram, and has a seemingly close connection to the ruling house. He is an exceedingly proud and arrogant dwarf known for making public appearances in full plate mail and noble regalia.

Peregrin is connected to Megan Ramzey, having notarized her contract with the Restless Souls and having later claimed her share of the treasures recovered from the expedition to the Cursed Sea.


Peregrin Ironshackle is eager to sponsor voyages of exploration to find new sources of precious metals. Megan Ramzey’s report of the city of Ljos Faerir and their ability to produce cheap iron and steel is most intriguing to him. Ironshackle wishes to furnish a delegation to the Cursed Sea to make contact with Ljos Faerir and secure a stake in their iron trade before anyone else can beat them to it.

Peregrin Ironshackle

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