Megan Ramzey

Treasure hunter and professional dancer.


Megan Ramzey is a highly charismatic young woman of mixed Ryugu and Corterran descent. She has auburn hair kept in a short bob cut and a slender, athletic build.


Megan Ramzey is a bard, treasure hunter, and entertainer. She is a member of the College of Lore, and is seeking valuable knowledge to obtain a permanent position within the prestigious bardic college. To make ends meet, she dances for crowds at taverns and other venues under the stage name Madame Chrysanthemum. Her performances are typically well received and her natural charm and supernatural abilities tend to sway many an onlooker to part with their coin.

She is also the granddaughter of Deven Ramzey, and inherited his half of a map leading to the legendary Cursed Sea. She has collected many a tale of the Cursed Sea and has openly expressed her desire to find it and recover the legendary Hoard of the Fell King. Her quest brought her to Fell’s Point, where she joined the Restless Souls Adventuring Company and offered her half of the map in exchange for passage to the Cursed Sea and a 60% share of any treasure recovered.

She has since joined the Restless Souls in their adventures throughout the Cursed Sea.

Megan Ramzey

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