Mathias Crowley

Ambitious Chief of Staff at the Gray Mantle.


Mathias Crowley is the Chief of Staff at the Gray Mantle in Seawall. He is a man reaching middle age, recognized by his pointed beard and mustache. His hair is thinning atop his head and he keeps his remaining hair long and parted. He also dressed in very flamboyant clothing making him hard to miss in a crowd. His temperament is ponderous and he tends to speak very slowly and quietly. His office is decorated with meticulous illustrations of many arcane subjects.

Mathias has recently hired the Restless Souls adventuring company to investigate the disappearance of his colleague, Alban Morrison. He believes the current headmaster, Malcolm Rayne, may be connected to the disappearance. If this is the case, he hopes to discredit Malcolm and potentially succeed him as headmaster of the Gray Mantle.

Mathias Crowley

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