Marcella Serrano

Enigmatic leader of the Partisans.


Marcella Serrano is the leader of the Partisans who resides in Tide Manor with her faithful servants, Catherine and Helena. Marcella is immediately recognized by her jet black hair and unusual eyes, one of which is blue and the other amber in hue.

Marcella has the gift of prophecy and possesses powerful abilities of divination. She can peer into the strands of fate that weave the future and gain an impression of how events may develop. Her abilities have become muddied as of late as the weave has become obstructed by a dark presence that she believes to be associated with the Old Gods.

She has recently enlisted the aid of the Restless Souls adventuring company to retrieve the artifact stolen by Black Jack Reeve. She suspects that the appearance of such an artifact may be connected with the obstruction in the weave of fate.

Marcella Serrano

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