Lord Venuncio

Proud bridge owner and attempted murderer.


Lord Venuncio is a proud man of noble birth who traces his ancestry to the Lord of Shopshire. With the nobility long since deposed in Porticia, Venuncio had little to no money but possessed a deed of ownership for a small bridge just outside the Hamlet of Bottom End. Using his ownership as justification, he attempted to impose a toll on travelers crossing the bridge. After people ignored his toll he managed to convince Brutus the troll to become his enforcer and force others to pay the toll at an inflated rate. He promised the beast treasure and food as payment, but was unable to keep his newly acquired henchman under control.

The Restless Souls adventuring company put an end to the troll and placed Venuncio under arrest before turning him over to the custody of Born Bumbridge in Bottom End.

Venuncio was last seen in custody at the stockade in Bottom End, awaiting trial for numerous accounts of attempted murder.

Lord Venuncio

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