Jeziver Inkletter

Homely bookseller and historical preservationist.


Jeziver Inkletter is an exceptionally ugly old gnome who owns the Garden Tome Booksellers in Runesport. He is a quiet and reserved gnome when entertaining company, but enjoys a merry jog when no one is looking as he is embarrassed to be seen dancing. He believes in supporting the community and likes people very much, despite his reserved and reclusive tendencies. He is an important founding member of the Ammeluna Historical Preservation Society. He promotes the society at every opportunity and keeps a donation box in his store with the word “Donations” written in Common, Elven, and Gnomish.

Jeziver’s work with the AHPS has given him some knowledge of magical items and he has, at times, been called in to help identify such items.

Jeziver also has a secret passage into the Ammeluna Catacombs in his basement. He keeps the passage hidden behind heavy crates and the door is kept locked as the tunnels have been condemned.

Jeziver Inkletter

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