Ilse Lundy

Proprietress of the Staggering Wolf tavern.


Ilse Lundy is the proprietress of the Staggering Wolf inn. She’s a shy and quiet girl with a habit of fidgeting. She is also fairly talented dancer with a romantic streak. She dreams of one day leaving Drygum Landing but feels obligated to watch over the family tavern. She is protective of the tavern, since it is her only connection to her deceased parents.

She was involved in a small scandal in town when she turned in a crew of adventurers for using counterfeit coins at her inn. After the incident was cleared with the authorities, she did her best to make amends with the adventurers and hosted a party at the inn. This party would be talked about for years to come in large part due to the legendary carousing of the dwarven adventurer, Falgrim.

She also adopted, Dukeloaf, the hound formerly belonging to Kilrend the farmer after his death.

Ilse Lundy

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