Fiorella Alphonse

Stoic leader of the Freeport Free Company.


Fiorella Alphonse is a former adventurer turned leader of the Freeport Free Company. She is a stoic woman, prone to stare into the distance. Rather than chat up a crowded room, she can often be found quietly drinking tea in the Free Company’s common room, observing each individual and studying their every move. While she may not be the most social woman, she is friendly and welcoming to adventurers of all stripes. She values respect and treats others with fairness.

Fiorella is immediately recognizable by her missing eye and fingers, which she lost in a duel with Black Jack Reeve the pirate. Her recounting of the tale had her ship besieged by Black Jack with no chance of survival. She challenged the pirate to a duel with the stakes being freedom for Fiorella and her crew should she win, and complete surrender should she lose. Fiorella skillfully bested Reeve, who asked for a last drink before being put down. She obliged and Black Jack proceeded to drink from a flask before spitting a corrosive poison in her face. Black Jack then cut off her fingers and declared himself the victor. Fiorella’s crew was slaughtered but she was spared and set adrift in a lifeboat. Fiorella never regained her former dexterity as a fighter and retired from active adventuring to run the Free Company. Since that day, she has plotted her revenge against Black Jack. Fiorella’s records on Black Jack are meticulously detailed and comprehensive, making her the leading expert on his activities over the years.

Fiorella Alphonse

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