Eliza Fairbottom

Eccentric proprietress of The Stray Pony tavern.


Eliza Fairbottom is the proprietress of The Stray Pony, an inn located in the city of Freeport. She is an eccentric young halfling with a strange taste in literature and eye wear. She insists on using glasses to read despite not having any lenses and not needing them. She has been seen reading both the thesaurus and dictionary before proceeding to use flowery and verbose expressions that make little sense. When she isn’t reading, Eliza can often be seen writing long letters extending the entire length of her bar. Her reputation is well known downtown, as she frequently makes strange observations and misspeaks to those who frequent the inn.

Eliza is a fearful creature, terrified of spiders and other unusual sights, such as Tieflings coated in sewage. She is always grateful to those who show her kindness and loves to spoil her customers with free meals.

Eliza’s latest ambition is to run for city office; she is excitedly corresponding with a relative in Bottom End that she claims is involved in politics.

Eliza Fairbottom

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