Captain Samael DeMurier

Pirate Captain and Necromancer.


Captain Samael DeMurier is a physically imposing man and a practitioner of necromancy. He stands six feet tall with dark skin and wears face paint mimicking the appearance of a skull. He wears all black and dons a black, top hat adorned with feathers, bones, and hatpins.


Captain Samael DeMurier serves as Captain of a warship belonging to the Bone Daddies fleet. DeMurier commands an undead pirate crew that utilizes skeletons as well as strange, arcane effigies.

DeMurier is seeking a passage to the Cursed Sea for unknown reasons. To pursue this goal, he stole half of a map to the Cursed Sea from the Restless Souls Adventuring Company. He then attempted to steal the second half at sea by attacking the Sandspider with his own ship. The raid ended in a stalemate and Megan Ramzey surrendered a forged map.

DeMurier’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Captain Samael DeMurier

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