Berdor Rothrum

Deceased Dwarven Sea Captain


Berdor Rothrum was an elderly Dwarven treasure hunter living in Falls Point. Until recently, he was one of only a handful of Corterrans to reach the Cursed Sea and return. He organized an expedition 100 years ago to find the Cursed Sea and recover the Hoard of the Fell King. The expedition was successful in finding a path to the Cursed Sea and landed on a previously undiscovered continent. The expedition was assailed by the elements and beasts of the frozen north. Under threat of mutiny, Berdor was forced to abandon his mission and returned to Falls Point with his crew.

Upon their return, only Berdor and six of his crew survived, but five of those men perished shortly after. Berdor’s guilt over the loss of his crew motivated him to bury all knowledge of his discovery as he did not want anyone else to suffer the same fate as his crew. He ripped the map in two and pledged to destroy his half. His Sailing Master, Devin Ramzey, took the second half and made the same pledge. Neither men kept that pledge, as Berdor buried his half with his crew and Deven kept his half hidden among his logs.

Berdor spent the rest of his days drinking his memories away in Falls Point and never returned to sea. Eventually, he was convinced to reveal the location of his map piece to the Restless Souls Adventuring Company. While exhuming the bodies of his crew, Berdor and the Restless Souls were attacked by undead. After the skirmish, Berdor fled deeper into the cemetery where he was left by the Restless Souls. His severed head was delivered to the inn where the Restless Souls were staying along with a note demanding the map piece. In another strange turn, the head of Berdor Rothrum vanished from the hold of The Sandspider along with the original map piece. It has never been seen since.

Berdor Rothrum

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